Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today is Tuesday, Today is Tuesda, dah, dah, de, dah!

Anne from California has asked me to knit for her. I encouraged her to look at different sweater patterns and yarns. If you are considering a "work of art" consider looking at ideas from Kafee and Debbie Bliss. Vogue Knitting is a good source and there are many, many, many places to look online.
Kafee is, in my opinion, a work in progress. He has the lines and looks that I like. But it doesn't matter where you look, it matters on you, and your ideas. You do realize, don't you, that when you have a sweater knit, it isn't like picking one up off the shelf. Hand knitting allows for you, your thoughts and wishes and your size. Most of you are use to having to make something fit. But by hand knitting, we can knit strictly to your own measurements. So, now what does that mean exactly? Well, Are you 73 inches around in your bust? Are you 18 inches in your waist? Are you 36 inches in your hips? Is your arm length 17 inches or 21 inches? Do you like to cover your back side, or show your back side? Mid-drift showing or cover the rolls? Me, I like to cover my rolls! :) So I do it all, just the way you want it.
Yarns? Are you a cashmere, wool, or allergies keep you in cotton? It's all out there and lately in just the colors you are looking for. I know some good spinners and also know that we can find you just about anything you wish online, in yarn shops or yarn exhibits which are starting up now all over the USA and Canada. For me, the yarn exhibit nearest me will be in October but you check your area for one. It will be an enjoyable day of browsing and buying.
And now, let's talk about style. You look at a sweater and what do you see? Sleeves, neckline, front panels. Don't like or do like the sleeves on one. Like the neckline on another and then decide you want something different on the front panels. Not a problem. It's easy to take "pieces" from several different designers and put them together in a look just knit for you. Unsure, what exactly it will look like? Well, print each look out, cut and tape them together and sit back and look at it. Don't be hasty. Leave it alone for a few days. Check back. Still like it? Good let's get knitting. Don't like it? Cut and tape some more until you do. Don't rush into it.
Now, have I aroused your interest?
I'll be gone to Senior Leadership class tomorrow but will try yet this week to do a little something on types of yarns.
Oh, yes, I forgot. You need socks, kilt hose, etc. to go with your outfits. Look no further.

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