Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We're still snow covered and below freezing!

Here's what it looked like outside the front door yesterday. I think it is beautiful but can't wait for warm temperatures. I've outgrown cold, snowy weather.
Sat in the dark for awhile last night as power went out. Everyone in our area sat dark. Donna said she reached on top of the refrigerator for her flashlight and it didn't work. Reached again for the small one and it rolled to the floor "in the dark". So much for light. We didn't even attempt lighting our oil lamps. I rather enjoyed the dark and peace. Did, however, make my way to the kitchen counter to lay my knitting so the dogs wouldn't jump on top of me and I loose some stitches.

Our front door looks out onto the Great Smokey Mountain Parkway. When we go for picnics you can look down at a couple areas and see our home. We do enjoying going up there several times a year. It is peaceful and relaxing (except for the passing motorcycles and other vehicles). The view is something out of a book.
Back to my knitting. If it warms up I'll get in my sewing room and get some quilting done. My Grandson's birthday is April 16 and I need to do him something in a train.

Enjoy your day.