Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here's the Fair Isle for April

Here's the Fair Isle hand knit sweater for April. She really likes it. Says she looks at it and cries. Noticed one on a lady in the grocery store one day and decided she just had to have one.
I'm not a photographer but think you get the general idea.

Hey, here's my bear beret (Tam)

Thought you'd like to see the tam I knit for a bear. It's the one that's going to Sandi in Colorado. Hope she enjoys it.

Phat Fiber here I come!

Just signed up to be a member of Phat Fiber. I think I'm going to love it because I love to knit and love to chat.
Finished a bear beret last night. Cute! Will send it to Sandi in Clifton, CO. It isn't anything acceptional but will give her an idea of my knitting. And who knows, maybe she can use it. But...can't wait to knit her hubby's Kilt socks for his Scottish attire. Argyle. She's buying the yarn, I'm doing the knitting.
Well, I'm out of here. Need to check on my dogs and birds.
Have a terrific day.