Saturday, February 28, 2009


I got them in the USPS mail today. I am so excited. My new Harmony Wood needles from I ordered the set of circular needles. It cost more money than I ever thought I'd spend on a set of needles but oh so worth it.
They are very pretty. I thought, seeing them online that they looked almost too brightly colored that it would be a distraction. But no, it is not. And they don't blend in too much either to make them hard to distinguish against black yarn. Well, black is what I have put on to see how they work.
I'll photo them another day but right now you can find them at . I am pretty sure that I'll order the double pointed needles in a few weeks. Probably not a set but pick out the ones that I would use most often.
Well, it's rainy here and promises of snow all day tomorrow and yet the next day so I'll have plenty of time to get comfortable with the smooth feel that they have.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Here's a little Bear Tam

Just a little sample for Sandi. Will try to get it to the USPS today. It's raining and need to go out in it for a few errands. Will look forward to returning and curling up with a good pair of needles. Speaking of needles. I have ordered, due here today, a set of the wood needles from I can't wait! I have never owned a complete set, always just bought the size as I needed it. My next purchase will be the double point needle set.

Enjoy the weekend and give me a little tug, be safe.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here's the Fair Isle for April

Here's the Fair Isle hand knit sweater for April. She really likes it. Says she looks at it and cries. Noticed one on a lady in the grocery store one day and decided she just had to have one.
I'm not a photographer but think you get the general idea.

Hey, here's my bear beret (Tam)

Thought you'd like to see the tam I knit for a bear. It's the one that's going to Sandi in Colorado. Hope she enjoys it.

Phat Fiber here I come!

Just signed up to be a member of Phat Fiber. I think I'm going to love it because I love to knit and love to chat.
Finished a bear beret last night. Cute! Will send it to Sandi in Clifton, CO. It isn't anything acceptional but will give her an idea of my knitting. And who knows, maybe she can use it. But...can't wait to knit her hubby's Kilt socks for his Scottish attire. Argyle. She's buying the yarn, I'm doing the knitting.
Well, I'm out of here. Need to check on my dogs and birds.
Have a terrific day.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday and Knitting

Today is Fat Tuesday. When I lived in Detroit Michigan I found out about Fat Tuesday. We'd rush to the bakeries and buy the filled donuts. YUM!!! But today, want to loose weight to attend my Granddaughter's graduation. My first Granddaughter, my first Grandchild. I can't wait! I am so very proud of her and my other 4+ grandchildren. Yes, another one on the way for my son, Rich and his wife, Shannon. HURRAH!!!!! Can't Wait!!!

I worked on the Elite Classic sweater last night for the lady in Atlanta. Pictures above is the Luxe by Classic Elite Yarns cardigan version. We are making it a pullover with sleeve pattern from a christmas 2007 magazine. The sizing comes from the Japanese knitting book. She is a petite woman and this sizing fits her perfect.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Here's a glimpse of a cabled sweater that I completed

Thought some of you might enjoy seeing some of the items that I have knit in the past and am currently knitting on. Boy, do I wish I had taken photography! The dog, well, he's real! He's our AKC Champion Armed n'Dangerous (Dillian to us). He Father's our puppy litters. Dillian is so cuddley and passive. Nothing seems to bother him. We have 3 litters of purebred Cockers due around Easter and ready for new homes by Mother's Day, 2009.
The red cable piece is the back of a sweater that I knit for a lady in NY. This sweater turned out very elegant. And the grey socks, they are just plain. I have knit every thing from lacy to bobbles and all that in between. In 2008, I knit well over 40 pairs of socks and sold them all. Some on ebay and a few other pairs online.
Mom is 84 year young. I say young because she drives herself to Florida, to Michigan and to Texas to visit relatives. She knits and sews and dresses Victorian dolls. Sells her items at a little craft consignment store in Dillsboro, NC. Yes, she gets a savings on her monthly selling fee because she works there about 20 hours a month. They keep telling her she is old enough not to work, she keeps telling them she enjoys meeting the people. I think her biggest seller are the pairs of socks and dishcloths. She is leaving in March for a doll show in Florida.
Tuesday nights is knitting class. Some of the local women come here at 6 pm. They eat dinner with us and then we craft. Well, it started out knitting and now we have a quilter who brings her hand sewing and a rug braider. I bought the braiders for rug braiding but haven't gotten that far yet into that craft.
I have knit for so many years that it is hard to remember what I have even made over the years. My first big project at 9 years old was a pair of mittens, a hat, and a neck scarf. Only to loose it at school and then see a girl from my class wearing them later. Lesson well learned....
Now I make sure that when I wear something handmade into a restaurant I remember to pick it up when I leave.
The red sweater went with me to the Doctors office one day. My husband and I sat in the examing room and I knit while waiting for the doctor. Once finished he ushered us out and towards the payment station. Suddenly I heard my name. The nurse was calling me. She pointed to the yarn I was dragging from my knitting bag all the way out of the examing room and down the corridor. I turned redder than that yarn! I haven't lived that one down yet so finally knit the doctor a pair of wool socks to hush him about the red yarn dragging behind me!

Love those knitting and quilting blogs

I want to say that I really enjoy reading blogs. Seeing what others are doing and creating. Looking at scenery where people live and travel. And not only do I enjoy looking at the items but I love the looks of so many blogs. Some people really take time to add their creative sides of themselves. Those are the "computer" buffs, those are the ones that know what to click on and where to drop and drag. Thanks to all of you who make my quiet time enjoyable. Those of you who blog.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'd love to sit and read knitting blogs today but.....

I have been busy knitting on 2 sweaters this weekend. Need to finish the thumbs of a pair of mittens and get them into the usps on Monday.
Will work on the GA. sweater this afternoon. Who knows might get it in the mail in the next couple weeks. It is absolutely fantastic!
I just saw a blog featuring the Japanese knitting book that I have. Who knows maybe once I get the hand knit sweater coat finished I can knit something out of that Japanese book. It really has some beautiful patterns in it.
Must go eat breakfast. I made homemade bread yesterday so will toast it and spread on the cream cheese and jelly. Collard greens for lunch and who knows what else will be on the menu.
Have a peaceful week!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Socks for Hannah are finished

She'll wear them to school on Monday. She was so happy with them. A gift for Valentine's. They sure looked awefully long to me but then her feet are like boats. I didn't have them finished by the time she got here. We took her out for lunch so I knit all the way there and back and before we got home I had finished.

Hannah picked out 2 more skeins for pedicure socks. She'll wear them with flip-flops to school

Sold the last one of our cocker spaniel puppies today. He was a little doll. Went to a little boy for his birthday. I think they will give it a nice loving home.

Have 3 more litters to be born and all around Easter. They will be ready for their new home by Mother's Day. Nice gift for a Mother especially since now Good Morning America had that article on about people living longer lives thanks to a dog! Yes, I too believe it. David says he and I will live to be about 150 then with all the love we give and get from our dogs.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hand Knit Mittens for Adults

I'm knitting a pair of mittens for a duck hunter (waterfowl hunter). Just finished a pair for a man in Canada.
I am surprised at the number of adults that want 100% wool mittens to keep out the cold air this year. The mittens sure seem to be popular not to mention the hand knit wool socks. I knit 11 pairs for one lady and over 40 pairs for other persons. Now those are the thing to have on these cold wintery days.
Maybe the toeless socks will kick in for spring. You know those look terrific with a nice shiny pedicure.
Get in touch with me through this blog and you'll be glad you did.

Hand Knit Swing Coat

I am knitting a Swing Coat for a lady in Pa. It is just about ready to be photographed. Will have her own created design down each front panel. A Ring of Fire Cable around the whole coat and then topped off with a Ring of Fire Cable mandarin collar.
The coat itself is done in a rich gold with 9 other colors in the design. It is absolutely georgous.
You can't imagine the number of people that want hand knit coats. They are bound to be a great hit!
You want one? Contact me or just inquire through this blog.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fair Isle Sweater is finished!

There, it's finished. Loved the Fair Isle pattern and knitting but would never buy a kit. I'd much rather choose my own colors.
It isn't blocked yet but will go into the USPS to April. Then will wait to see how she likes it and how it fits.
I did like the way it all matched up.
On to the other sweaters sitting all around me in the "finish up" mode.
Let me know if you want a sweater knit and I'll get r' done for you cause you know I do this for a living.