Sunday, February 15, 2009

Socks for Hannah are finished

She'll wear them to school on Monday. She was so happy with them. A gift for Valentine's. They sure looked awefully long to me but then her feet are like boats. I didn't have them finished by the time she got here. We took her out for lunch so I knit all the way there and back and before we got home I had finished.

Hannah picked out 2 more skeins for pedicure socks. She'll wear them with flip-flops to school

Sold the last one of our cocker spaniel puppies today. He was a little doll. Went to a little boy for his birthday. I think they will give it a nice loving home.

Have 3 more litters to be born and all around Easter. They will be ready for their new home by Mother's Day. Nice gift for a Mother especially since now Good Morning America had that article on about people living longer lives thanks to a dog! Yes, I too believe it. David says he and I will live to be about 150 then with all the love we give and get from our dogs.