Monday, March 30, 2009

The Easter Bunny has Arrived!

We have 2 new litters of puppies. Friday we had 3 born to Nora, our Chocolate Cocker Spaniel. Last night, all night, Rubi had 5 puppies. We are exhausted!
Took the first 3 to the vet this morning and had their dew claws removed and tails docked. Thursday morning the other 5 will have the same.
I know we have a couple sold already and am hopeful that the others will go too. They leave here at 6 weeks having all their current shots and AKC papers along with the deworming already taken care of.
I am just finishing up with the black sweater. I am knitting a 10 inch collar and then will photo it to show you.
Have a terrific week.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Is For Cleaning House and Knitting

I do need to clean for knitting class tonight. Someone is bringing spaghetti and garlic bread so won't cook. I will take that time and work in my strawberry patch today. It needs a lot of "help"! While I'm in the fruit garden I'll check on the grape vines, blueberry bushes and the rhubarb. We have promise of rain tonight and most of the rest of the week so this will be my one chance to work outside.

I'm going to try to get the black sweater finished this week so will photo it once it has the sleeves woven on to it.The front and back it knit as one on circular needles. Once to the arm holes I divided the total number of stitches in half. Continued knitting one half of them up the 9-1/2 inches for the armhole. Yes, I left the other half of the sweater on the needles. That made knitting the armhole area of the front a knit and purl instead of just knitting. Once to the top of the arm hole, I left those stitches on a stitch holder for casting off both front and back seams together when finished with the back. Then I repeated the same steps for the armhole on the back and once to the top turned both sides to purl and bound off the stitches at the shoulder seam. I did that by knitting on stitch from the needle then the next needle knit the first stitch and then slip the first knit stitch over the second stitch. That becomes a nice even, smooth stitch.

Then I

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A href="">sock knitters
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Purchased 3 More Large English Parakeets

Well I went to see if I could find any Bourke's and didn't. Tried to buy a tri colored bird, don't know the name of it. The owner told me they died if they got into a cool breeze, well it was cold outside. Then he told me they threw out their first hatch, killed the babies from their second hatch. Then he walked away from me. Guess he didn't want my business so bought 3 more parakeets. I like the Large English because they are just that, larger than regular parakeets. Now I need another cage and accessories for the pair that I got. The third one went in with the single male. Hope he'll do his thing in a couple months or so.
But not all in vein, found someone who knows someone, that raises Bourke's. I simply can't wait to buy a pair of those cute pink birds. I think they will be a good seller to little girls. We'll see!
Picked up a few good Christmas 2010 gifts today for the females of the family. Will put them away and so that means that I won't have to hand knit or sew everything this next year. Don't know what made me do that. I never buy gifts. I must be getting old!
The cashier was interesting. She was from Canada. Then lived in New Jersey and now here. Said she traveled in a motor home by herself for 5 years. Amazing!
My Little Bit, well her real name is Farah is just about ready to be bred. She is a Coton de Tulear. Her love, Charlie has a lot of creamy hair that I wish was white as snow like hers but maybe together they can make beautiful babies. Time will tell.
Tomorrow I am going to the heart specialist. Dad died from complications of his Anurysma's. He had had surgery a few years before that and one of the screen meshes had slipped. Well, the point I'm trying to make here is that I want to keep my heart in good condition so this is a routine for the first time just as a precaution.
Next week, a trip to the bone and joint surgeon but that won't be fun. I am thinking that he'll schedule me for hand surgery. But then I do use my hands a lot knitting, sewing and clicking this ole mouse on here so probably have just plain wore my hands out!
Have a good one.....

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Scottish Hose, Tartan Tams, Aran Sweaters and Knitted Balmorals, Scottish Kilt Accessories

Because we all still have St. Patrick's Day on our mind I thought I'd enter a few lines about my Scottish knitting. As you know, I love to knit. Doesn't matter to me what item, style, color or yarn. Just as long as my needles are swaying back and forth between a purl and a knit, or a knit and a purl.
I don't begin knitting on a project until it is ordered by a customer. I use your measurements and knit with the yarn of your choice. For some, it's Alpaca all the way, for others wool and yet for still others who are allergic to almost everything else, it's cotton. I help persons desiring a special item, to locate the yarn. Once the yarn has been purchased and I have their measurements I'm ready to begin on the style of their desire.
Finished knitting, the customer pays for the item (as agreed upon before) and then they also pay for the shipping. Nope, no handling charge as I only live about a mile from the local USPS.
Doesn't matter if you like Aran, Celtic, Fair Isle design oreven a cable. I love knitting them all! Don't you just love the Celtic knot design in these socks?
So, contact me at and we'll begin working on your Scottish kilt accessories.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Spring Here In The Mountains

A bit cooler today than yesterday but oh so nice. We finished the wrought iron fence across the porch. Took the 2 Coton de Tulears out there several times yesterday. I think they like it. Well the male baptised everything anyway, so he must like it!
Plans today are to
1. Move the day lillies behind the house to join the others on the side of the driveway.
2. Rake along the driveway.
3. Plant the new mint and Rosemary that I purchased yesterday.
4. Vacuum and mop the sun room.
5. Depending on the time, maybe get some more mopping completed.
7. Watch Survivor at 8 pm. that's a must for this house.
8 Hit the sheets about 10 pm if I can stay up that late.
Other than that the usual, showering, cooking, dishes, you know what I'm talking about. All that stuff that is the usual norm of each day that no one thinks you do. That's the woman's job, right?
Have a good day and smile......

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Long Week Ready And It's Only Tuesday

Our Monday started out busy. Rainy and wet we headed after breakfast to get a rabies shot for one of our dogs. Just routine. Then continued to make the rounds to get the errands and stopped for lunch at the fish house before heading to David's 1 pm Dr. appt. Got there, signed in and a voice told me that his appointment was Tuesday not Monday. Home we came, got ready again and left for the County Commissioner meeting. Home by 8 pm in time for Dancing with the Stars.
This morning, Tuesday, feet hit the floor running so that I could get some things accomplished before the 1 pm Dr. appt. Back home and cleaning before the 5:30 pm knitting class here. That also involves me cooking. Found, what might sound yucky to some of you, some bear meat. Bear stew, why not? Mopped all the rooms in the house but the sun room and now, going to finish cleaning the birds, finish cooking and just in time for the ladies. I'm tired already and can't wait for the 2nd part of Dancing with the Stars at 8 pm again tonight. Hope others want to watch it as they knit.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bathing and Sewing

Decided to bathe 3 of my dogs. It's a hand full to bathe the bassett. She doesn't understand the part about standing still. :)
Working on the quilt again.
Have decided to have hand surgery so will meet with the surgeon on March 31. I hope to have both hands done at the same time but doubt it. Anyway, I am thinking that it will only be a week before I can be back to knitting and other crafting. Will find out the details on the 31st.
Rain, rain, rain, again today and promises of tomorrow too.
Happy weekend to all of you!

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Just a little bit this morning

Well, here it is Friday. If you are retired it is just another busy day, if you are employed I guess you are really excited to see 5 pm.
I have decided that I must call the bone and joint surgeon today and have the carpal tunnel surgery. I will ask if he'll do both hands at once but know that he won't.
Also, a new online friend told me about If you are even a few pounds over weight I think you'll like this website. I told her I wasn't going to do it, then once I was on that page, I did. I have lost 4 lbs. this week. Just since Monday those pounds have come off. I've used a calorie counter before and lost well so know that for me I must keep my calories under 1200. I am surprised at how much I can eat for under 1200 calories. Enough to keep me satisfied.
My hands are bothering me today and I must knit so will make this short and sweet!
Have one terrific weekend.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

I've been cold all day

Can't seem to shake the temperature change. Worked on the wrought iron fence on the front porch this morning. It is almost finished. I can't wait. My 3 indoor dogs can go out onto the porch and the kennel dogs will have to stay off the porch. Perfect! How many dogs do I have you ask? Well, I have 6 American Cocker Spaniels (5 females, 1 male), 2 female Pugs, 2 female PBGV's, a male and a female Coton de Tulear and a young female Bassett. The kennel dogs live in a nice place. They have running water, heat, light, and sewer. They have a RV bathtub so that I can bathe them in and a grooming table where I give them their hair cuts. Each of them has a caging area to sleep at night with their own "doggie" door. Inside their caging area is their own bed full of fluffy fleece blankets. I have a washing machine in the kennel so that I can keep their fleect blankets clean, changing them out every couple days. So they have it nice! I didn't ever want a dog to have to stay outside that belongs inside. After we bought 7 dogs and the cocker hair was getting a bit high in the house, I wanted them to have their own apartment. That way I can go out and play with them in their apartment or they can go outside in the chain link fenced yard. So now you know about my dogs.
I have the total black turtle neck pullover sweater almost finished. I can't wait to finish it and the cranberry sweater. I want to have them finished in the next couple week so that I can use that money to buy myself more birds. I have 7 Large English Parakeets. I want to buy Bourke's next. I think the pink coloring makes them so cute.
Now that you think I am animal crazy I should tell you that I love raising Muscovy ducks, chickens and eggs, and Guinnea hens in the barnyard. I have been raising turkeys and peacocks but stopped this past year and also sold my llama, Chessie. Sold him cause he never had had a girlfriend and was chasing the Angus cows and heifers. So now you know even more about me.
Hope all of you have a terrific weekend.
Cheery "o"

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Today is Wednesday, Today is Wednesday!

welcome to Wednesday, hump-day
I found these Scottish hats. How do you like them? They should sell for about $20.00 at the most.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New patterns of Kilt Hose

A new friend of mine sent me more Kilt hose patterns. Aren't these danties?
My thanks to her. May our friendship last for years.
Must rush as I teach knitting tonight and always serve my students dinner.
Enjoy your evening.

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Men's Aran Patterns

Top photo is Country Gentleman and the second photo is New Tradition. If you like these please remember the names so I can look them up.

I am posting 2 photos today of Men's Aran sweaters. I have the Aran patterns for them if anyone is interested. Carol has asked for some Aran patterns for her Scottish husband. I will try to post a couple each day of the men's patterns. If you would like to see my female Aran patterns please let me know.
Have a terrific Tuesday!

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Here's to a wonderful Spring week!

Happy Monday!

Picked up some cabbage and brussel sprout plants today. Will get them into the ground. Also some swiss chard and collard seed. Don't know if it is too early to plant the seed. I guess it will just lay there until it is warm enough but then the worry will be if it will get too cold again for it.

I am so enjoying checking out the blurb on . Hopeful that most of the members will need kilt hose at one time or another.
Woops, got the evening hose upside down, I don't think this puter will let me turn it around either, so guess you'll have to stand on your head.
At any rate, I have an argyle hose pattern but it doesn't show a very good photo. So will look for another photo to publish.
I've got to get out of here and go knit for awhile and sew for awhile.
Enjoy your day.

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Diced Design Kilt Hose

Here's a nice Diced Kilt Hose design. Another favorite of mine is the Evening Kilt Hose with pointed top (photo available upon request). I will soon be starting a pair of Argyle hose for a customer.

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Here's a few of my favorite patterns and books

Patterns for women and men Scottish clan members

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Daylight Savings Time is Back....Thank Goodness!

Well, here it is, what I wait for all winter. More hours in my day and fun begins outside. I've purchased all my vegetable seeds, tomato plants will arrive in May and 100# of seed "taters" waiting in the storage room for about an acre of vegetables.
Will go out today and check out the fruit garden. I am wondering how many of the rhubarb has survived the winter.
This afternoon is grooming time. Today it's two female PBGV's (Petit Basset Griffon VenDen), and Dillian, the black Cocker stud. Since it's suppose to be 70 degrees they will probably all get baths and clipped. Well the PBGV's just get checked for mats after their baths.
Then back in from the kennel and bathe the 2 Coton de Tulear's and the Bassett. Wash their bedding and get on with the rest of the day.
Knitting in the afternoon and evening as I must get the sweater finished that is shown below with the Japanese knitting book.
I've attached a few website patterns for men and women and books that are important to me. My library of knitting patterns is full and I'm willing to share those patterns.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Quilt as I go

Thought I'd spend some time this morning quilting. Boy, am I rusty but haven't quilted in oh so long. It's is fun to get back into quilting. I am so happy that I have.

I'll try to spend time each morning quilting and afternoon and evening knitting. That should keep me busy and creative. So here is the first square. Almost completed. A few mistakes but who's looking?
Hubby taking me out for dinner tonight to our favorite place so we'll just grab a quick hot dog and call it lunch.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

The quilt for Andrew

The photos of Andrew's quilt are just some of the pictures on the fabric that went to DJ (oldest Grandson) and Charlie. I won't have enough for the new baby, maybe she'll be a girl! I love those little prints. DJ's room was in red, greens and blues so it worked just fine.
The kilt sock at the top was suppose to be at the bottom. But......I want the sock for me. Won't use that pattern to sell to other Scottish kilt sock buyers.

What I did yesterday and maybe will do today

Here's a few photos of some of the pieces of the quilt that I'm sewing for Andrew's quilt. I have to hurry because he has a sib to be born in August. By then I need to have one completed for his sister Lily, and older brother Charlie. Once new baby is here, I'll decide on one for that baby be it a girl or boy.

Then here is a photo of the sock that I ordered yesterday. It is a kilt sock pattern. I can't wait to get it done. It will actually be a pair of knee highs for myself. So am using the calf measurement for me.
Today I hope to work on the quilt and groom my PBGV's and also my Coton de Tulears. They are getting ratty looking.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm into quilting today

I decided I'd get back to sewing and quilting along with my knitting. While working on my Grandson, Andrew's quilt (age 2) I had an idea. I am going to start making quilts for the men and boys of the family with shirts from David's closet. He won't miss them! I'll put the buttons to good use, sewing them on each of the squares. Haven't decided on what design to use but at least I'm in the "thinking" stages. Shhhhhh, don't tell David where some of his old shirts have disappeared to. I'll have until Christmas eve when they are unwrapped to keep it under-wraps.

I ordered the sock pattern

I have taken the challenge and ordered the calana kilt sock pattern. If you don't know about it go to and see what she has to offer. I think that she just finished a yarn giveaway but I put my name into the hat for the March giveaways (if there will be any).
About the kilt socks. My Father was Scottish and wanting to dive into my heritage I have decided to take up kilt sock knitting. I have one potential customer already. Hurrah!!! Next I'll add knit tams, knitted balmorals, and Aran sweaters. Since I already knit sweaters for people that should be exciting. Now the balmorals, I'll have to find a good pattern as I haven't ever knit one before.
I've taken three photos of my new Harmony needles and such for you to see how nice they are. Remember I just purchased them from Kinda expensive for a country girl like me but oh so worth it. These are the Harmony Woods. I think I'll really like them.
It's probably hard to see the sweater attached to a pair of the needles. Nope, not showing the sweater as it is black and won't show up good but hope you can see the needles.
I have told myself that I will quilt some this morning on Andrew's quilt. I'll see them, hopefully later this month and want to give it to him. He'll be 2 years old in June. Charlie will be 4 in April. He is all about trains. I have a pattern that I traced out of a coloring book of a train so will start a quilt for him soon. Lily, age 6 is about pink and Disney so will try to find some beauties from Disney to make a "pink" quilt for her.
Got to get with the day. Enjoy your crafting time!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We're still snow covered and below freezing!

Here's what it looked like outside the front door yesterday. I think it is beautiful but can't wait for warm temperatures. I've outgrown cold, snowy weather.
Sat in the dark for awhile last night as power went out. Everyone in our area sat dark. Donna said she reached on top of the refrigerator for her flashlight and it didn't work. Reached again for the small one and it rolled to the floor "in the dark". So much for light. We didn't even attempt lighting our oil lamps. I rather enjoyed the dark and peace. Did, however, make my way to the kitchen counter to lay my knitting so the dogs wouldn't jump on top of me and I loose some stitches.

Our front door looks out onto the Great Smokey Mountain Parkway. When we go for picnics you can look down at a couple areas and see our home. We do enjoying going up there several times a year. It is peaceful and relaxing (except for the passing motorcycles and other vehicles). The view is something out of a book.
Back to my knitting. If it warms up I'll get in my sewing room and get some quilting done. My Grandson's birthday is April 16 and I need to do him something in a train.

Enjoy your day.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Burrrrrrr!!! It's still cold with snow on the ground

Good day to stay inside and knit socks, sweaters or whatever is on your mind.
I am interested in locating a pattern similar to the one shown here. It is something that I think I'd knit for myself.
Working on the black pullover that will go to Chicago. I am almost to the armholes. Then onward to the neck. This is the second pullover, same pattern, for the young woman in Chicago. Next she'll send me the yarn for the cardigan.
Those Harmony needles that I purchased are very nice to knit with. I'll have to keep them up high when not in use instead of laying them on the arm of the chair while I take a break. The dogs would have a "wood" sandwich.
Well, Carrie decided that she does want her Bichon. She called Saturday night and said she didn't want the 6 month old Bichon and would I keep her. I said, "yes, but...if you decide you want her back she is yours." By morning, the phone was ringing. Carrie hadn't slept all night missing the Bichon. In the snow storm here she came up the driveway to get the puppy. Just as well because the male Coton de Tulear would have bred her in a year and then I would have been in a world of problems with no purebred puppies. I try to keep only purebred AKC or CKC.
I wrote of my snow day. Well, I must confess, I cook way toooooo much. Today, I baked a chicken pot pie. It tasted oh so good. Maybe I'll make another one for knitting on Tuesday night. We ate collard greens with it. They say that collard greens lower blood sugar. Don't know, never checked.
Have a good one.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snowy Sunday

I bake and eat too much on snow days.

Today I joined, U come join too!

I just foined the Knitters Ring. I hope that you consider joining also. Go to
sock knitters
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Looks like it is going to be a wintery day today and tomorrow so hope to get a lot of knitting done.
Oh, yes, my friend moved to another home. Didn't want to take her Bichon, Lacy, so guess who has her now? Yelp, 14 4 leggers now live with us. Oh, no, only 4 in the house. We built an apartment for our dogs. They love it and so do I. Have them an RV tub, waist high so that I can bathe them, a grooming table and put in their own washing machine. Didn't like the dog hair in mine all the time.
The dogs have a 14x40 ft. inside with stalls, and a 40x8 ft. attached run and then that leads down to about 1/2 acre of fenced in yard for them to romp.
Well, going to work with those new needles from They came yesterday. Oh, so very nice. They are Harmony Wood Interchangeable Circular set. I think I'll really like them a lot. The color looks bold on their website but it isn't. I'm knitting with black yarn at the moment and neither over powers the other.