Monday, March 2, 2009

Burrrrrrr!!! It's still cold with snow on the ground

Good day to stay inside and knit socks, sweaters or whatever is on your mind.
I am interested in locating a pattern similar to the one shown here. It is something that I think I'd knit for myself.
Working on the black pullover that will go to Chicago. I am almost to the armholes. Then onward to the neck. This is the second pullover, same pattern, for the young woman in Chicago. Next she'll send me the yarn for the cardigan.
Those Harmony needles that I purchased are very nice to knit with. I'll have to keep them up high when not in use instead of laying them on the arm of the chair while I take a break. The dogs would have a "wood" sandwich.
Well, Carrie decided that she does want her Bichon. She called Saturday night and said she didn't want the 6 month old Bichon and would I keep her. I said, "yes, but...if you decide you want her back she is yours." By morning, the phone was ringing. Carrie hadn't slept all night missing the Bichon. In the snow storm here she came up the driveway to get the puppy. Just as well because the male Coton de Tulear would have bred her in a year and then I would have been in a world of problems with no purebred puppies. I try to keep only purebred AKC or CKC.
I wrote of my snow day. Well, I must confess, I cook way toooooo much. Today, I baked a chicken pot pie. It tasted oh so good. Maybe I'll make another one for knitting on Tuesday night. We ate collard greens with it. They say that collard greens lower blood sugar. Don't know, never checked.
Have a good one.

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Bean Counting Knitter said...

I am not sure if you are on Ravelry but here is a pattern that is similar in theory that you might like to consider.

Thanks for leaving a note on my blog. I have added you too.