Thursday, May 28, 2009


Tuesday night after the funeral visitation I finished my dress to wear to the funeral. It is actually going to be worn at the graduation but decided I'd try it out earlier. I carried a matching purse filled with tissue. Just knew I'd cry a lot at the funeral.
Last night I made the cupcake tablecloth that I'm taking to the wee grandchildren. Have all but the buttonholes and buttons on this dress for Lily to slid into my suitcase also. Think I'll have more for everyone else in that suitcase than for myself. :)

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I have made a second dress for Lily in a green check. While trying to serge the seam, I caught it in the bodice and made a little hole so will now need to repair the hole and cover it up. Think I'll put a belt on it which will serve the purpose, covering the hole and making it dressy. She loves to look like a princess so a belt should be just the right attachment for a princess!
We picked a gallon of strawberries yesterday afternoon. Oh are they sweet and nice! I had myself a big bowl last night, yum, yum. Some of them are only June bearing and some for the whole summer. Will sure enjoy them and the jelly from them too.
The wild blackberries are forming little berries. Should be enough to make jelly in another month. Nope, didn't plant them, evidently the wind or a bird carried in the seed within the last couple years. Had a hand full of them last year and this year we'll not need to travel up the mountain to pick any. They say blackberry is good for your stomach, so will try to make vinegarette and also just juice them.
My new grapevines and blueberry bushes are doing well. Doubt I'll get more than a handfull of blueberries of them as it is the first season. I have 3 new grapevines and 2 old grapevines. The old ones are concord and a green variety. The green is located at Granny's old house, near our barnyard. The jelly from that vine is fantastic. Everyone begs for a jar of that and I must admit it is my favorite.
I've got to get off here. Need to walk for an hour or two and get to sewing and knitting.
Have a terrific day!!