Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snowy Sunday

I bake and eat too much on snow days.

Today I joined, U come join too!

I just foined the Knitters Ring. I hope that you consider joining also. Go to
sock knitters
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Looks like it is going to be a wintery day today and tomorrow so hope to get a lot of knitting done.
Oh, yes, my friend moved to another home. Didn't want to take her Bichon, Lacy, so guess who has her now? Yelp, 14 4 leggers now live with us. Oh, no, only 4 in the house. We built an apartment for our dogs. They love it and so do I. Have them an RV tub, waist high so that I can bathe them, a grooming table and put in their own washing machine. Didn't like the dog hair in mine all the time.
The dogs have a 14x40 ft. inside with stalls, and a 40x8 ft. attached run and then that leads down to about 1/2 acre of fenced in yard for them to romp.
Well, going to work with those new needles from They came yesterday. Oh, so very nice. They are Harmony Wood Interchangeable Circular set. I think I'll really like them a lot. The color looks bold on their website but it isn't. I'm knitting with black yarn at the moment and neither over powers the other.