Friday, March 20, 2009

Scottish Hose, Tartan Tams, Aran Sweaters and Knitted Balmorals, Scottish Kilt Accessories

Because we all still have St. Patrick's Day on our mind I thought I'd enter a few lines about my Scottish knitting. As you know, I love to knit. Doesn't matter to me what item, style, color or yarn. Just as long as my needles are swaying back and forth between a purl and a knit, or a knit and a purl.
I don't begin knitting on a project until it is ordered by a customer. I use your measurements and knit with the yarn of your choice. For some, it's Alpaca all the way, for others wool and yet for still others who are allergic to almost everything else, it's cotton. I help persons desiring a special item, to locate the yarn. Once the yarn has been purchased and I have their measurements I'm ready to begin on the style of their desire.
Finished knitting, the customer pays for the item (as agreed upon before) and then they also pay for the shipping. Nope, no handling charge as I only live about a mile from the local USPS.
Doesn't matter if you like Aran, Celtic, Fair Isle design oreven a cable. I love knitting them all! Don't you just love the Celtic knot design in these socks?
So, contact me at and we'll begin working on your Scottish kilt accessories.

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