Saturday, June 20, 2009


The hand knit coat, yes, you ask, is she really working on it or what? Even my step-daughter asked about it after reading on facebook. Well, yes, I am working on it. The side panels are up to the decreasing rows and then will travel up until the bottom of the armholes.
Once finished with the side panels I'll start the fronts. Both right and left are intertwined with the pattern designed by the lady that I am knitting for. She evidently knows something of design or at least drawing as she colored it out on graphed paper using colored pencils the same colors as the yarns I'll be using.
I like the design. I didn't think I would. And once finished, then I'll be ready to knit the Ring of Fire cable that will be placed all around the outside of each of the pieces. The collar will be a mandarin collar knit in the Ring of Fire cable design.
I can't wait to photo it. Wish I knew someone living near that is a photographer. You know, someone good at taking photos. Why? Well because this is a one of a kind and I truly believe that once it is all put together many women will want one.
Since it is a hand knit coat, I have suggested that she have her seamstress make a lining for the coat. Well, more warmth for the winter yes, but I think it will give the coat extra body and encourage it to told it's shape.
And oh yes, I wanted to make a comment today about all of the blogs that I read. I haven't taken a count lately of all that I do view. Both hand knit and quilt blogs. Socks, sweaters, coats and table runners as well as quilts for beds are among my favorites. My comment is: thank you so very much! I see a lot of beautiful ideas, a lot of reading and believe it or not, it is very relaxing to come to the computer and look. Look til I'm tired, look until I'm calmed, and look until whatever comes around the corned next.
Enjoy the weekend. Yee gads, I was thinking it is Sunday. I'd better work on Saturday first.

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