Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hand Knit Kilt Socks Lookin' Pretty Good

I worked on my kilt style socks last night at knitting. The cuff is ready to turn so will dig out the pattern and continue. They will be for me as actually a pair of knee socks for winter.
Made Lily the 3rd sun dress yesterday. It is ready for the top stitching and then finished. The first 2 sun dresses I took to Michigan. They fit! Hurrah for Granny.
I didn't think about the fact that she wears a uniform to school but they will look nice shopping, and church.
Most of all she liked the fabric paper dolls that I took her. I went shopping and bought her her own fabric cutting scissors. She was delighted. We ran out of time so I showed my daughter in-law, Shannon what to do.
Took Shannon a Debbie Bliss baby hand knit book. Debbie Bliss has captured beautiful hand knit sweaters and hand knit socks as well as a beautiful little brown coat for babies up to 24 months. Just lovely. Hope Shannon puts it to good use.
My back is breaking. I've been coating the terracing timbers to keep the bugs from eating away. It stinks! Two coats on each side. Just finished with the second coat now on to the ends and I'm finished.
Have one coat of paint on the wooden furniture. Will get the second coat on today and then start the shutters. Seems like more and more work keeps popping up.
Today I want to bathe the 2 inside doors, and start bathing all of the dogs in the kennel. Tar Baby and Peaches need grooming so will get them today also and if not, begin my day tomorrow with them.
Have a terrific day!

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