Thursday, May 28, 2009


Tuesday night after the funeral visitation I finished my dress to wear to the funeral. It is actually going to be worn at the graduation but decided I'd try it out earlier. I carried a matching purse filled with tissue. Just knew I'd cry a lot at the funeral.
Last night I made the cupcake tablecloth that I'm taking to the wee grandchildren. Have all but the buttonholes and buttons on this dress for Lily to slid into my suitcase also. Think I'll have more for everyone else in that suitcase than for myself. :)

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I have made a second dress for Lily in a green check. While trying to serge the seam, I caught it in the bodice and made a little hole so will now need to repair the hole and cover it up. Think I'll put a belt on it which will serve the purpose, covering the hole and making it dressy. She loves to look like a princess so a belt should be just the right attachment for a princess!
We picked a gallon of strawberries yesterday afternoon. Oh are they sweet and nice! I had myself a big bowl last night, yum, yum. Some of them are only June bearing and some for the whole summer. Will sure enjoy them and the jelly from them too.
The wild blackberries are forming little berries. Should be enough to make jelly in another month. Nope, didn't plant them, evidently the wind or a bird carried in the seed within the last couple years. Had a hand full of them last year and this year we'll not need to travel up the mountain to pick any. They say blackberry is good for your stomach, so will try to make vinegarette and also just juice them.
My new grapevines and blueberry bushes are doing well. Doubt I'll get more than a handfull of blueberries of them as it is the first season. I have 3 new grapevines and 2 old grapevines. The old ones are concord and a green variety. The green is located at Granny's old house, near our barnyard. The jelly from that vine is fantastic. Everyone begs for a jar of that and I must admit it is my favorite.
I've got to get off here. Need to walk for an hour or two and get to sewing and knitting.
Have a terrific day!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Got the yarn from Drooling Over Yarn. Oh, boy is it ever nice. I am anxious to see it made up into 3 pairs of socks, but....dont' know when.
I am so far behind on my knitting. I've got to get at it.
Sewing tonight on the gifts for the little grandchildren. Can't wait to see them.
Anyway......hope all of you are knitting your little fingers to the knuckles. Keep in touch.
Have a good one.

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Monday, May 25, 2009


Not much sock knitting will be done this week, nor hand knit sweater knitting, nor quilting, nor sewing on clothing. David's Aunt and a member of my knitting class has passed away. Bonnie was not a knitter. She was a wool rug braider and a fantastic one at that. After about 2 months of illness, Pulmonary Fibrosis (finally diagnosed) her visitation will be tomorrow night and funeral on Wednesday. I am heart broken. She was a good friend and I'll miss her greatly. Her last conversation to me, coughing so bad that I couldn't hardly understand her was that I wasn't to go shopping for fabric until she was well.
Sad to say, that another Aunt of David's is in intensive care also from a heart attack. We visited her today and talked with her and her Granddaughter. How very sad to see wonderful people so gravely ill. the extreme opposite, I am excited about attending my Granddaughter's graduation next week. I fly Tuesday and arrive in time to attend the graduation. Will stay 3 days so that I can play with the little ones and then back home. So yes, I am really looking forward to doing that.
Well, I promised myself that I would try to sew a wee bit tonight.
Hope all had a wonderful Memorial Day.
God bless our servicemen and women.

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Monday, May 18, 2009


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, finished, 2 sundresses for Lily. Well, need to put on the buttons and make the buttonholes. But finished in my book. Now, will make Andrew 2 little outfits and decide on what to make for Charlie. They will expect a gift from granny and I'm not sure that I can finish the quilts in time.
Taffy had her puppies this morning. After breakfast, found them already out of the "hanger" and already dry. So, am assuming that they were night deliveries just like she did last year. Oh, 4 black (just like Daddy), 4 Parti (just like her). Daddy is a full AKC Champion. Both Mom and Dad have a fantastic personality, sweet and loving. So in 6 weeks they will be ready for their new "forever" homes.
I must get off here. Baking a pound cake and making 4 loaves of bread to take for dinner to friends tonight.
Have a great week as I'm doing volunteer work at the middle school. It's test time, and I'll be walking around looking for "cheaters". Hope, sure hope, I don't find any! That would be bad....
Later! Enjoy

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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Well, I've started the paper doll quilt. These are the smaller size dolls, only 5 inches. Will do a medley of pinks around the squares along with some of the clothing. Then I'll give Lily some of the fabric that isn't cut out along with some pellon. Wonder if little girls even know what paper dolls are now days with all the high tech games and computers.
Having sewer problems today, waiting for the plumber, so this gives me a good excuse to sew instead of housecleaning. I'm sure the vacuum would still work, but I wouldn't want to try it! :)
We've been having a lot of rain. Mind you, I'm not complaining as we have had severe drought for the last 2 years so let it rain, let it rain. The lawn, flowers and most of all, the garden are lovin' it. Me too, gives me a good excuse to stay in and either sew or knit.
Last night I sat down and made Andrew some bib overalls. I had been earlier in the week to Just Ducky's sale and picked up 2 kits for $4.00 each. The machine embroidery is on the front piece, and all cut out. In fact, one of the kits had the legs sewn together already. Evidently they were pieces that had been started and not finished. Works for me!
Have my dress almost completed for the graduation. Made a large tote and a smaller tote for the flight to Michigan. Will not take any luggage since I won't be there long enough for it to be lost and then they find it. Nope, not trusting of the airlines at all. Hubby is worried about me flying. I'll have my 85 year old Mother to get from one corridor to another in Atlanta with maybe an hour's time.
Well, back to the quiling, and then on to the knitting.
Have a fantastic weekend.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I'm one tired gal. Went to a special invitation sale last night at the Just Ducky warehouse. If you haven't ever checked it out. Google: Just Ducky children's clothing. We went to purchase their scraps for quilting and fabric by the yard for Christmas gifts, little girls tops and shorts and such.
Then this morning, up early and left by 8 am to go to Mary Jo's in Gastonia, NC. Mary Jo's fabric store that is. Try googling that too and make sure you read their blog site. Mary Jo actually waited on me today. Oh yes, she's still, after many, many years waiting on her customers along with the other employees. I complimented her on the blog. She said that it is her son that does that one, going on to say that computer is where business is now and she isn't into computers.
Found some little girl paper doll fabric. Oh so very cute. Lily will surely like that. Will add a backing so that she can dress them and then use the rest in her "pink" quilt.
Then looking farther, I found Charlie some trains. He is almost 5 and a train nut. When we took them to the gold mine last summer, he bent down to feel the rails in the gold tunnel. Amazing then for a 3 plus little boy.
Found something else interesting. It is a fabric puff maker. I'll try it out, photo it and show you sometime before Christmas. I think I'll make some gift giving items with it. Cute!
Found myself a pattern to make a little dress for Ashley's graduation. I'll be flying to Michigan for that the 1st of June. I can hardly wait!
Well, this is one tired chick so will sign off for tonight. No more fabric buying for me for awhile.

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Monday, May 11, 2009


I'm back! Back to knitting that is. Little by little my hand is improving. Just started doing the dishes this weekend. Tender but okay. And knitting more rows each day. I've been working on the hand knitted coat. Finished the back last night and got about 4 rows on the side panels (knitting both at the same time). I realized that the young lady hasn't given me design that will go on the bottom of each sleeve. So will move onto the front panels after the side panels.
Also, am working on the plain black cardigan. Am just about finished with the back. Since it is 96 inches around the whole sweater it does take awhile to knit but that lady is always happy with my work.
Going to take a break this morning and hang some clean clothes and then work in my sewing room. I haven't done that in a few months either because of my hand so am anxious to get back to the quilts for the children.
Speaking of children, my son called last night to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. The two older children had fallen asleep already but the 1-1/2 year old was "mumbling" on the phone. He talks quiet and I didnt' catch all of the conversation except for the "football". My daughter in-law is not doing well with this 4th baby on the way. She is having some bone and joint pain so was in the tub soaking and I didn't get to talk to her. Yes, number 4 is another girl. That will be 2 of each. They are kicking the names around. She won't be delivered until August so awhile yet to get the name ready. I was told the boy baby clothing has been thrown out so must be that means there will not be any more births after this little princess.
I am so excited. I found a knitting blog from Saudi and another from Tasmania. I think it is exciting to read about women from other countries and see what they knit. I can't wait to hear from both of them again as well as my other "new" friends who knit that I've met online.
Have one fantiastical week. May you be safe and loved.

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