Saturday, May 16, 2009


Well, I've started the paper doll quilt. These are the smaller size dolls, only 5 inches. Will do a medley of pinks around the squares along with some of the clothing. Then I'll give Lily some of the fabric that isn't cut out along with some pellon. Wonder if little girls even know what paper dolls are now days with all the high tech games and computers.
Having sewer problems today, waiting for the plumber, so this gives me a good excuse to sew instead of housecleaning. I'm sure the vacuum would still work, but I wouldn't want to try it! :)
We've been having a lot of rain. Mind you, I'm not complaining as we have had severe drought for the last 2 years so let it rain, let it rain. The lawn, flowers and most of all, the garden are lovin' it. Me too, gives me a good excuse to stay in and either sew or knit.
Last night I sat down and made Andrew some bib overalls. I had been earlier in the week to Just Ducky's sale and picked up 2 kits for $4.00 each. The machine embroidery is on the front piece, and all cut out. In fact, one of the kits had the legs sewn together already. Evidently they were pieces that had been started and not finished. Works for me!
Have my dress almost completed for the graduation. Made a large tote and a smaller tote for the flight to Michigan. Will not take any luggage since I won't be there long enough for it to be lost and then they find it. Nope, not trusting of the airlines at all. Hubby is worried about me flying. I'll have my 85 year old Mother to get from one corridor to another in Atlanta with maybe an hour's time.
Well, back to the quiling, and then on to the knitting.
Have a fantastic weekend.

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Laura Neal said...

That is such cool fabric. My sister actually bought her daughter some paper dolls and they had so much fun playing with them. My niece, is 6! We are trying to show her the toys we had when we were kids. I hope this sticks and she realizes how special these things really are.

Do we get to see your dress?