Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I'm one tired gal. Went to a special invitation sale last night at the Just Ducky warehouse. If you haven't ever checked it out. Google: Just Ducky children's clothing. We went to purchase their scraps for quilting and fabric by the yard for Christmas gifts, little girls tops and shorts and such.
Then this morning, up early and left by 8 am to go to Mary Jo's in Gastonia, NC. Mary Jo's fabric store that is. Try googling that too and make sure you read their blog site. Mary Jo actually waited on me today. Oh yes, she's still, after many, many years waiting on her customers along with the other employees. I complimented her on the blog. She said that it is her son that does that one, going on to say that computer is where business is now and she isn't into computers.
Found some little girl paper doll fabric. Oh so very cute. Lily will surely like that. Will add a backing so that she can dress them and then use the rest in her "pink" quilt.
Then looking farther, I found Charlie some trains. He is almost 5 and a train nut. When we took them to the gold mine last summer, he bent down to feel the rails in the gold tunnel. Amazing then for a 3 plus little boy.
Found something else interesting. It is a fabric puff maker. I'll try it out, photo it and show you sometime before Christmas. I think I'll make some gift giving items with it. Cute!
Found myself a pattern to make a little dress for Ashley's graduation. I'll be flying to Michigan for that the 1st of June. I can hardly wait!
Well, this is one tired chick so will sign off for tonight. No more fabric buying for me for awhile.

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Laura Neal said...

Sounds like you had some serious fun! It is so nice to get out and shop for something you love. :)