Monday, May 11, 2009


I'm back! Back to knitting that is. Little by little my hand is improving. Just started doing the dishes this weekend. Tender but okay. And knitting more rows each day. I've been working on the hand knitted coat. Finished the back last night and got about 4 rows on the side panels (knitting both at the same time). I realized that the young lady hasn't given me design that will go on the bottom of each sleeve. So will move onto the front panels after the side panels.
Also, am working on the plain black cardigan. Am just about finished with the back. Since it is 96 inches around the whole sweater it does take awhile to knit but that lady is always happy with my work.
Going to take a break this morning and hang some clean clothes and then work in my sewing room. I haven't done that in a few months either because of my hand so am anxious to get back to the quilts for the children.
Speaking of children, my son called last night to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. The two older children had fallen asleep already but the 1-1/2 year old was "mumbling" on the phone. He talks quiet and I didnt' catch all of the conversation except for the "football". My daughter in-law is not doing well with this 4th baby on the way. She is having some bone and joint pain so was in the tub soaking and I didn't get to talk to her. Yes, number 4 is another girl. That will be 2 of each. They are kicking the names around. She won't be delivered until August so awhile yet to get the name ready. I was told the boy baby clothing has been thrown out so must be that means there will not be any more births after this little princess.
I am so excited. I found a knitting blog from Saudi and another from Tasmania. I think it is exciting to read about women from other countries and see what they knit. I can't wait to hear from both of them again as well as my other "new" friends who knit that I've met online.
Have one fantiastical week. May you be safe and loved.

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Jackie said...

Glad to hear you're doing well and congratulations on the new grandchild!

Laura Neal said...

I am happy to hear the hand is coming along. Congrats on the little princess. :)