Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Is For Cleaning House and Knitting

I do need to clean for knitting class tonight. Someone is bringing spaghetti and garlic bread so won't cook. I will take that time and work in my strawberry patch today. It needs a lot of "help"! While I'm in the fruit garden I'll check on the grape vines, blueberry bushes and the rhubarb. We have promise of rain tonight and most of the rest of the week so this will be my one chance to work outside.

I'm going to try to get the black sweater finished this week so will photo it once it has the sleeves woven on to it.The front and back it knit as one on circular needles. Once to the arm holes I divided the total number of stitches in half. Continued knitting one half of them up the 9-1/2 inches for the armhole. Yes, I left the other half of the sweater on the needles. That made knitting the armhole area of the front a knit and purl instead of just knitting. Once to the top of the arm hole, I left those stitches on a stitch holder for casting off both front and back seams together when finished with the back. Then I repeated the same steps for the armhole on the back and once to the top turned both sides to purl and bound off the stitches at the shoulder seam. I did that by knitting on stitch from the needle then the next needle knit the first stitch and then slip the first knit stitch over the second stitch. That becomes a nice even, smooth stitch.

Then I

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