Monday, May 18, 2009


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, finished, 2 sundresses for Lily. Well, need to put on the buttons and make the buttonholes. But finished in my book. Now, will make Andrew 2 little outfits and decide on what to make for Charlie. They will expect a gift from granny and I'm not sure that I can finish the quilts in time.
Taffy had her puppies this morning. After breakfast, found them already out of the "hanger" and already dry. So, am assuming that they were night deliveries just like she did last year. Oh, 4 black (just like Daddy), 4 Parti (just like her). Daddy is a full AKC Champion. Both Mom and Dad have a fantastic personality, sweet and loving. So in 6 weeks they will be ready for their new "forever" homes.
I must get off here. Baking a pound cake and making 4 loaves of bread to take for dinner to friends tonight.
Have a great week as I'm doing volunteer work at the middle school. It's test time, and I'll be walking around looking for "cheaters". Hope, sure hope, I don't find any! That would be bad....
Later! Enjoy

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