Thursday, March 12, 2009

I've been cold all day

Can't seem to shake the temperature change. Worked on the wrought iron fence on the front porch this morning. It is almost finished. I can't wait. My 3 indoor dogs can go out onto the porch and the kennel dogs will have to stay off the porch. Perfect! How many dogs do I have you ask? Well, I have 6 American Cocker Spaniels (5 females, 1 male), 2 female Pugs, 2 female PBGV's, a male and a female Coton de Tulear and a young female Bassett. The kennel dogs live in a nice place. They have running water, heat, light, and sewer. They have a RV bathtub so that I can bathe them in and a grooming table where I give them their hair cuts. Each of them has a caging area to sleep at night with their own "doggie" door. Inside their caging area is their own bed full of fluffy fleece blankets. I have a washing machine in the kennel so that I can keep their fleect blankets clean, changing them out every couple days. So they have it nice! I didn't ever want a dog to have to stay outside that belongs inside. After we bought 7 dogs and the cocker hair was getting a bit high in the house, I wanted them to have their own apartment. That way I can go out and play with them in their apartment or they can go outside in the chain link fenced yard. So now you know about my dogs.
I have the total black turtle neck pullover sweater almost finished. I can't wait to finish it and the cranberry sweater. I want to have them finished in the next couple week so that I can use that money to buy myself more birds. I have 7 Large English Parakeets. I want to buy Bourke's next. I think the pink coloring makes them so cute.
Now that you think I am animal crazy I should tell you that I love raising Muscovy ducks, chickens and eggs, and Guinnea hens in the barnyard. I have been raising turkeys and peacocks but stopped this past year and also sold my llama, Chessie. Sold him cause he never had had a girlfriend and was chasing the Angus cows and heifers. So now you know even more about me.
Hope all of you have a terrific weekend.
Cheery "o"

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