Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm Doing Well

Hey, I'm doing well after my surgery on Wednesday.
Not using right hand at all so typing is not too good. Removed large wrapping today, 3 days early. as I was allergic to it. Itched constantly. Took 2 pain pills as I noticed that they also reduced swelling too. Swelling mostly gone.
I would advise anyone to have the Carpal Tunnel surgery if you have a good surgeon. Mine is the sports med dr. for our area schools and local college so knew he'd be able to handle it. He told me to wiggle fingles all the time so am following instructions.
Now about boredum and not being able to knit. Oh gosh! now that's bad. So I'm walking some. That really tires me out and then I've earned nap, good trade off I think.
All I can think of is knitting on the hand knitted coat, sweaters, Scottish kilt socks, and reenactment socks and sashes. Hopefully a week and a half until then.
I'll post photos of design of the sweater coat and others later. You will remember I had the new black 5 button cardigan back almost finished. That's the one that I am going by measurements only, no pattern.
Well my left hand gets tired of typing all keys so will close. Thanks for all well wishes.

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