Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I ordered the sock pattern

I have taken the challenge and ordered the calana kilt sock pattern. If you don't know about it go to and see what she has to offer. I think that she just finished a yarn giveaway but I put my name into the hat for the March giveaways (if there will be any).
About the kilt socks. My Father was Scottish and wanting to dive into my heritage I have decided to take up kilt sock knitting. I have one potential customer already. Hurrah!!! Next I'll add knit tams, knitted balmorals, and Aran sweaters. Since I already knit sweaters for people that should be exciting. Now the balmorals, I'll have to find a good pattern as I haven't ever knit one before.
I've taken three photos of my new Harmony needles and such for you to see how nice they are. Remember I just purchased them from Kinda expensive for a country girl like me but oh so worth it. These are the Harmony Woods. I think I'll really like them.
It's probably hard to see the sweater attached to a pair of the needles. Nope, not showing the sweater as it is black and won't show up good but hope you can see the needles.
I have told myself that I will quilt some this morning on Andrew's quilt. I'll see them, hopefully later this month and want to give it to him. He'll be 2 years old in June. Charlie will be 4 in April. He is all about trains. I have a pattern that I traced out of a coloring book of a train so will start a quilt for him soon. Lily, age 6 is about pink and Disney so will try to find some beauties from Disney to make a "pink" quilt for her.
Got to get with the day. Enjoy your crafting time!

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