Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Purchased 3 More Large English Parakeets

Well I went to see if I could find any Bourke's and didn't. Tried to buy a tri colored bird, don't know the name of it. The owner told me they died if they got into a cool breeze, well it was cold outside. Then he told me they threw out their first hatch, killed the babies from their second hatch. Then he walked away from me. Guess he didn't want my business so bought 3 more parakeets. I like the Large English because they are just that, larger than regular parakeets. Now I need another cage and accessories for the pair that I got. The third one went in with the single male. Hope he'll do his thing in a couple months or so.
But not all in vein, found someone who knows someone, that raises Bourke's. I simply can't wait to buy a pair of those cute pink birds. I think they will be a good seller to little girls. We'll see!
Picked up a few good Christmas 2010 gifts today for the females of the family. Will put them away and so that means that I won't have to hand knit or sew everything this next year. Don't know what made me do that. I never buy gifts. I must be getting old!
The cashier was interesting. She was from Canada. Then lived in New Jersey and now here. Said she traveled in a motor home by herself for 5 years. Amazing!
My Little Bit, well her real name is Farah is just about ready to be bred. She is a Coton de Tulear. Her love, Charlie has a lot of creamy hair that I wish was white as snow like hers but maybe together they can make beautiful babies. Time will tell.
Tomorrow I am going to the heart specialist. Dad died from complications of his Anurysma's. He had had surgery a few years before that and one of the screen meshes had slipped. Well, the point I'm trying to make here is that I want to keep my heart in good condition so this is a routine for the first time just as a precaution.
Next week, a trip to the bone and joint surgeon but that won't be fun. I am thinking that he'll schedule me for hand surgery. But then I do use my hands a lot knitting, sewing and clicking this ole mouse on here so probably have just plain wore my hands out!
Have a good one.....

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Anonymous said...

Wow, my best friend in Tennessee just LOVED having those parakeets.