Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday and Knitting

Today is Fat Tuesday. When I lived in Detroit Michigan I found out about Fat Tuesday. We'd rush to the bakeries and buy the filled donuts. YUM!!! But today, want to loose weight to attend my Granddaughter's graduation. My first Granddaughter, my first Grandchild. I can't wait! I am so very proud of her and my other 4+ grandchildren. Yes, another one on the way for my son, Rich and his wife, Shannon. HURRAH!!!!! Can't Wait!!!

I worked on the Elite Classic sweater last night for the lady in Atlanta. Pictures above is the Luxe by Classic Elite Yarns cardigan version. We are making it a pullover with sleeve pattern from a christmas 2007 magazine. The sizing comes from the Japanese knitting book. She is a petite woman and this sizing fits her perfect.

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