Thursday, August 27, 2009


I need to step up into high gear. I feel like I'm not getting things done that I want to get crackin' on.
My Fall orders for hand knit sweaters and hand knit socks are beginning to come in. They will continue now through Christmas. Then the "year to knit" orders will surface after that. Yes, a year to knit. Designer sweaters and coats.
I want to begin talking to you about yarns. And patterns and designs.
So today, let's start with yarn.
Do you itch from wool? Do you like the smooth, soft cuddley feel when you wear a sweater or a pair of socks?
I recommend first that you take the time to go to a yarn shop. Begin browsing and touching. Feeling on your face and hands the different textures. A good yarn shop will have swatches knit up so that you can actually feel the difference.
Ask questions. DO NOT BUY THE FIRST THING YOU THAT CATCHES YOUR EYE. You must research this if it is something that you want to wear for a few years or that you are going to invest money into.
Ask how many colors it is available in.
Ask if they can order more of the "SAME DYE LOT". Oh, what's a dye lot?
Ask if it is the right amount of strands, too thick or too thin for the item you want to knit or have knitted.
Ask about laundring the yarn once it is knit into a sweater or a pair of socks.
Ask if it will fade.
Ask how many skeins you would need for an average cardigan, pullover or pair of socks.
Ask how soon extra could be returned for a refund.
Ask if they can make other suggestions that you might be interested in.
Ask for a sample of the yarn to take home for consideration.
Remember, just because it is eye appealing to you, doesn't mean that it is the perfect yarn for the item you want.

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Laura Neal said...

Amen sister! There is nothing like getting a yarn home and it bites! It won't work for the project you wanted it for. Research is the key to it all. If not, there is always someone on ebay who will buy it. Just realize that you won't get your money out of it!