Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ever Wonder Why You Should Invest In A Hand Knit Item?

I want to take tonight to talk about investing in a hand knit item. Sweater, socks, hat, scarf, coat doesn't matter what but why. When you think about purchasing off the rack in the store you think about color and what you are going to wear with the knit item.
But when you invest in a hand knit item you think about durability (how long will it last), what you will wear with it, what kind of yarn will feel comfortable on you, and then what you will wear with it.
A hand knit item is, more than likely, going to be on your shelf in the dressing room a lot longer than the item off the shelf. So make sure it is servicable. It's got to last because you are paying dearly for the yarn, the pattern, and the time involved the knitter is taking to knit the item. Nope, this is your run of the mill off the shelf item. This hand knit work of art is exactly that, a work of art. It is going to fit you exact. And it's going to take a lot of time.
Time is hard to calculate when ordering the item. If it's just a plain sweater, one color, large knitting needles, and large heavy weight yarn plan on the knitter telling you it will take about 120 constant knitting hours. Oh my gosh, that's a lot! A machine in a factory can do it in a few minutes, maybe even seconds. Add a pattern or design and it's a couple hundred more. Add, say, 8 or 9 colors and you've got way too many hours to think about counting. So, now, are you ready to pay for those hours? Well, now, 120 hours x's say even $8.00 an hour. Yeeks! Believe it or not, the hand knitter is doing this item as a work of her/his talents and love for the art, art of knitting that is. And believe me, she/he could find other things in life to do that didn't take as much time.
Be ready to invest heavily in a hand knit item. For this item will last a long, long time, look good on you and be truly a piece of art!

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Laura Neal said...

I was told by one of my older nieces that she wanted to learn to knit because she was sick of spending hundreds of dollars on sweaters that came apart after the first wash. I looked over at her...huh? I don't know about you but, spending $100+ on a factory special isn't what I would call smart as a hand knitter. I can assure you that when you get hand knit, you get quality. I know with my own seams, those bad girls aren't coming apart in this century, or the next. She requested a hand knit sweater, me not liking to knit them...looked her square in the eye and said, that will be $400! I like to be paid before I invest in the yarns, or I can teach you to knit it yourself. She wanted to learn to knit. I figure if you learn to make it yourself, you will treat it more kindly because you know how much hard work and time goes into your sweater! A lot! If you can knit, then you can also make your own clothes and appreciate the art form. It will also start an obsession for yarn. :) I love yarn, don't you?