Monday, June 15, 2009


Spent Sunday afternoon making a fabric grocery bag. Turned out great! Gave it to a friend. Plan to make myself several as was on tv that Walmart and the grocery stores are going to discontinue plastic bags and paper bags. I had wondered why the push in both places for the fabric bag sales. Now I know.
Well, once I get about 10 made I will be able to easily fold them and stick all into just one bag until I reach the store checkout. Now the only problem will be to remember to finish putting the groceries away and then place them back into the vehicle. I'm thinking that once I forget and need to pay for bags that will be the last time I "forget".
Mom is coming home from Michigan tomorrow. I want to go early to stop at the fabric store for some new patterns. Ever wonder just how many patterns it takes to keep all of the children and grandchildren happy! A lot when there are 6 children and 12 grandchildren and still more to be born in future times.
You have a great day. I'm going to clean house (something I don't do often enough) and then knit on the black sweater and knit on the golden coat.

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