Monday, June 15, 2009


Well, here I am again, blogging twice in the same day. I don't know why but something brought me back. Maybe because it is going to rain again, who knows.
I thought I was having dinner guests tonight but they just cancelled. Since we live in the mountains of North Carolina I wanted to make a country dinner. So began cooking bear meat and some local deer meat. Yes, you just read right. Don't think it yucky until you taste mine. Everyone raves about my game meats.
So, then I added new white potatoes. A squash casserole (squash from our own garden that I canned last summer). Cooked cabbage with "fat back". And for our lunch threw in some leftover spaghetti and some left over lemon chicken. A homemade pound cake baking I then decided to make some bread. Oh, don't get me wrong, I make bread all of the time ususally in those little cutesy heart and flower shaped pans but not today. Decided that I havent' used my bread machine in a long, long time. So out it came. So here's dinner cooked and no dinner guests and just finished up lunch. Nothing but a lot of extra pots and pans in the sink to wash. Hmmmmmmmmm!
Not only did I mess up a clean kitchen but stripped the bed down, threw in a load of dirty towels from the bathrooms and three other loads of dirty clothes. Yes, we are either clean or we are mighty dirty. Clean is what I'll call it.
Now tackling my "dirty birds" and going to clean out 5 bird cages, vacuum and mop the sun room and wash a few windows.
After all that, I'll be ready to stop and knit for the rest of the evening.
Sorry I bored you again, but wanted to just get it off my chest........dinner guests will just have to come another evening. Not to worry, if it's in the next couple nights, it'sll be leftovers! On a clean plate, who'll know? Just me and you and the sink full of dirty pots and pans.

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Laura Neal said...

Sounds like you have been really busy. Too hot here to be busy. I would love some of that rain. :)