Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Dark Knit: Knitting on an angle..

The Dark Knit: Knitting on an angle..

I love knitting! So much so that I custom knit sweaters, coats, leg warmers, mittens, socks and hats for people just like you. No more buying off the rack and it doesn't fit because I knit to your exact measurements. See a sweater in a magazine, I'll knit it. Want to turn heads when you walk down the street, or feel warm and cozy while looking terrific? I'll knit it.
Here's how I knit.
First, you design on the design you want.
Second, you and I decide on the yarn that you want to feel warm in. Go ahead, choose the color you want.
Third, I do the knitting to your measurements.
Fourth, you wear the sweater.
How much simplier could that be?
Contact me at and we'll discuss the sweater you've been wanting but couldn't wear!

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kymber said...

I just wanted to thank you for the very sweet comment that you left me on my blogpost about the quilted place mat set that I made for my mother. I am not sure if you check your site since it looks like its been a while since you have posted. I will probably leave you a message on my blogpost as well. I hope that you come back to visit again I would love to hear from you!

I hope that you update your blog - it looks like you have many talents that you could share and inspire others as well as BE inspired. I am so inspired by reading about others who have the same passion as I do. Maybe we could encourage each other!
Blessings to you,