Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Socks - Hand Knit for Men, Women and Children

Well the cool weather is fast approaching. Time to get my hands and joints moving. Everyone in US and Canada will decide that this is the year for a pair of warm, soft and cuddly socks. Last winter I knit 30 pairs of socks every month. It just didn't let up, first the cool weather, then hunting season, Christmas and cold, cold weather. Didn't matter whether it was a gift or shear comfort everyone was ordering the socks in the color that suited them. And best of all they fit. Fit because I had them measure their foot from back of heel to tip of toes. That's what it takes to get a pair of socks that fit.
Got the "fit" idea because I have small feet. It is hard for me to go into the store and get a pair of socks that really fit. Not any more. And best of all I can get any color I want and the type of yarn I want. Love those wool socks. Keep my feet so snuggly.
So if you want to walk on a cloud and keep warm contact me for a pair of "heavenly" socks.
Ravishing Knits

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knitso said...

hi, i saw a comment on another blog that you're sock-knitting mad. my friend and i are and we're in scotland if you want to visit and comment back and forth. i'm knitsomniack.blogspot.com and my friend is linked on there as spritlyknitter. all the best