Monday, October 26, 2009

Knitting: Are you in the mood for a neck scarf?

I am in the mood for a neck scarf. My new friend, M., sent me the pattern for Vintage Neck Thing. It is a cute little neck scarf. One end slides through the other end and that is what makes the thing hold together around your neck. Amazing!
I'm knitting one today so that I can give it to the needy. Goes together fast, easy and is fun to work on.
Photos tomorrow as my batteries were absolutely dead, dead, dead. Haven't take many photos lately of anything. Figures!

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Laura Neal said...

Sounds interesting. :) Foot is healing! Woohoo! I would do a dance but my luck lately I would fall and tear something! Ha!

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richard said...

The neck scarf is really very useful, as it keeps the body warm, especially the neck.

Liliya Goranova said...

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