Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Wow!!!! Went to our county recycle center today for a tour. Eyes are wide open more now than before. Amazing! Do you recycle? Some? All? None?
Consider that everything you throw away in your kitchen and bathroom can be recycled! If you have a baby or know someone who does, by using cloth diapers at least $300.00 a month can be saved. Isn't that amazing? With just a little vinegar and baking soda the odor will be eliminated and a little tlc will keep them good as new baby after baby, after baby, after baby!
Recycle your camera batteries, tvs, electricals, cardboard, metal, old windows, wood, everything.
Compost your food or simply place it in a container and take it to your recycle center too!
Speaking of composting. I was told today about placing cardboard down onto the ground where you want to compost. Add your grass clippings, food (no oils), more cardboard and paper and watch your compost turn into the most amazing chunk of ground! I didn't know worms like cardboard, did you?
Consider buying a plastic trashcan. Cut a hole in the middle, using a piece of wire mess place it over the hole. Purchase a water spout and apply it to the botton side and you have saved a lot of money on your water bill for watering the grass, garden, house plants and more!

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Laura Neal said...

We take our oak leaves and till them into the soil and it makes the best soil around, my rose bed is loaded with earthworms! That rose bed is about to become grass again, the hubby is making me get rid of my rose. She is going to a very good home, my oldest sister is taking her and the rest of her companions. She will have space to spread her beautiful canes.