Friday, September 11, 2009


After 10 days of no computer, I'M BACK!!!!
Changed over to AT&T and Direct TV, yes, I bundled~ well, it took a lot and still have received billing in two different account numbers so will tackle that later today. Yee gads, can't they get things right? Too many 'passing the buck' and not doing their job' as my Mother would say. Twice they showed up to install the Direct TV, then they called 15 minutes later to schedule an appointment to install the Direct TV after the 2nd guy left. Then lots of grief and phone calls to get the computer set up. But finally, here I am. Do you ever have those problems?
Saw a great email about someone having to do a pee test before getting their paycheck. Amazing! Simply amazing!
Knitting, yes, I've been knitting.
Next Monday will take Mom to the State Fair. She knits socks and more. But for the fair they ask her to bring her socks and demonstrate knitting. We go along so she doesn't have to drive herself.
Today, I'm going to knit after working on painting my bathroom. Started it about 2 weeks ago. Didn't like the paint once I started. But, decided that people could use it the color I picked. They can just go in and get their job over with and get out. Adjust their eyes once they get into the hallway and go on with their day! I'm leaving the ceiling and walls a deep, rich, and dark, dark, blue. David says it looks, well, let's put it this way, he has his own bathroom!!! It's the original color I wanted and I'm keeping it. Oh not to mention that I'll need to tone it down with a white trim, maybe add a little yellow towel or something. But for sure, will tone it down somewhat!
Back to your day and try to get something done myself.
Have a great Weekend!!!!

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Laura Neal said...

I bet that bathroom is beautiful and that yellow towel will set it off! I have a friend who has a primary color bathroom, she doesn't want people to linger in it!