Sunday, August 2, 2009


Hello to all,
Finished a grocery tote and used it at Walmart. Felt so very good not to carry out their little plastic bags. I'll make more now and use them at the grocery store too.
I didn't know that there are so many flowering plants that propagate. I looked up Forsethia, Rose of Sharon and a couple others including grape vines. Wow, I was shocked. And since I have a hillside, a creek bank and some other areas decided I'd get started sticking branches into the ground. Maybe by next spring they will be big enough so that those areas won't need weedeating. Along with that, I put some Lion's Ear seed, some double pink poppy seed, and some coneflower seed into the ground. Divided and started some more hostas. Did you ever see the Lion's Ear? Google it and you'll be intrigued by the spikey orange flowers. How beautiful!

Evidently more people are gardening this summer because of the economy. We haven't sold as much as other years in our driveway. That's fine with me because then I can can more squash and green beans. We delivered a bushel of both of those to the soup kitchen to help feed the needy.

Well, I'd better get off here and get some knitting worked on this evening. Hope all of you have a fantastic week. Stay safe!

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Jackie said...

I wish I could convince my husband to put in a small garden. At certain points it would require a lot of work and with our schedules it just won't work for us. One day...

Laura Neal said...

I would love a garden but, since we are in the suburbs, there is just no room. I grew up with a garden and I love fresh peas right off of the vine. I keep telling my hubby there is nothing in the world like having fresh veggies at a person's fingertips. I love fresh broccoli, yummy!
Take some rose cuttings and stick them in the ground as well, water for two weeks straight and when they are two years old, they will bloom. I have several roses from my sister and she has some from me just by planting cuttings. :)

Laura Neal said...

Rosemary and any herb will do it as well. With the rosemary, I just put it in water and watch it root out, then it will grow where ever you happen to plant it. Mint is wonderful in this way as well. :)

Laura Neal said...

check out the new more house farm plastic bag knits. :) I have seen this before but, lost the book it is in. Recycle those old plastic bags and use them for your groceries, pretty nifty idea.