Sunday, July 12, 2009


No lawn mowers, no cars whizzing by heading to work, just quiet! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Sunday church goers haven't started yet, but they don't whiz by so fast, ever notice? Coffee tastes better because I seem to sit longer and enjoy it. Why, I don't know, but I love a sweet like a cinnamon roll or something on Sunday morning. Everything just takes an "easier feeling" for me on the Lord's Day!
We trekked from NC to WVA to buy a Copper colored male Pug yesterday. His name is, of all things, Copper. He's a dandy. I think he'll work perfectly with my girls. Don't care for his breathing problems but will put him on a little diet and see if that helps. He's use to being caged up all his life so little activity. Here, he'll get to run out in about 1/2 acre of chain link fencing as often as the weather permits. So undoubtedly he'll exercise well.
Took my knitting with me but enjoyed the scenery too much for knitting. Once we got there, it was hurry, hurry, hurry so didn't do any there. We met someone from Indiana there who had purchased a Cocker puppy from us. It was closer for them to meet us there than drive to NC. And headed back. It was a 10 hour round trip. But the Cracker Barrel was waiting for us about 1/2 way going and kept us full the whole trip.
Evidently the cows broke into my squash patch. I'll take a walk and check it out. Rats! I had 7 different kinds of squash growing this year and all was doing so well. But life goes on, just will be another growing season, if God allows it.
Have a great one! Keep knitting those hand knit socks, hand knit coats and hand knit sweaters. Fall breezes are just around the corner!

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Laura Neal said...

No Fall breezes down here, just hot and more hot. We are desperate for rain. My husband joked the other day, we must of had a cool front in because it was below 100 for the week. Sad but, true.
It was only in the upper 90's. :)
Let's see some pics of the new doggie!