Thursday, July 2, 2009


The front panels of the hand knit coat are almost long enough to photo for you to take a peak. I can't wait to show you.
Working with 9 colors at one time and block by block (stitch by stitch) design is extremely time consuming. Had to make little balls of yarns instead of the big skeins so that I can manuver 6 or more at a time.
It's not something I can sit and chat and knit on at the same time. But oh so rewarding! It is by far, my greatest achievement and I am so very proud of myself. Ok, brag, brag, brag!!! But I am!
Am starting to sell some of my Coton de Tulear puppies and my Cocker Spaniel puppies. For those of you who know North Carolina mountains, Sunday we trek to Franklin to pick up a new Bassett Hound puppy. Male of course so he can take over manly responsibilities of the female Bassett in due time!
Someone coming from Indiana to NC this weekend for a Cocker puppy. And someone coming from Atlanta for 1, maybe 2, PBGV's. Yes, google it....PBGV. Petit Bassett Griffon VenDen. It's a mouthful to say and the dogs are fantastic! Be sure to look them up online. Little maintenance as you don't clip their hair. Well, I did after they matted in spots from the winter.
I'm off to bathe puppies. And work with the leach and the bigger dogs.
Have a terrifically wonderful weekend. Stay safe and enjoy your family and friends.

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