Saturday, June 6, 2009


Greetings: I'm back home in North Carolina from my trip to see oldest Granddaughter, Ashley graduate. Evidently I was tired. Got inFriday about 11:30 am, lunch at Red Lobster and then home for a nap. Bed time was early, about 10:30p and slept until 8:30 am this morning.
Doesn't look like the grass waited for me but grew and grew. So onto the facts of life and out with the John Deere as soon as the dew had evaporated.
I truly enjoyed myself this week in Michigan. Got a little sun at my son's home on the lake.
Met a great gal, Barbara on the plane. Barbara is from a sub near Chicago. We talked all the way to Asheville where she is attending a workshop for her job. I am looking forward to keeping in touch with her once she returns home.
We decided to landscape the slope in front of the kennel in the back yard. Before I left we had a wood mill cut the timbers. This morning I gave them the first coat of something stinking that will treat it and keep the bugs from eating. No wonder they won't it it, it stinks. Will put a second coat on the planks before dropping them into the ground. I think I'll plant more herbs and roses.
Picked up the red wine vinegar to make the vinagarette this evening. Mint vinagarette and strawberry vinagarette will be the first ones.
The strawberries hadn't been picked while I was gone so we picked them last night and had a huge bowl for a late night snack and again with breakfast this morning. Will try to get some strawberry jam made this week. Blackberries and grapes are starting to look nice. This is the first year for 3 of the grape vines, 2 are old timers so will produce well. The 3 blueberry plants are looking nice and the old timer is nicely full of green blueberries. So all in all, I'll have plenty of work cut out for me with the acre of garden.
Radishes and green onions are getting way too big. Brought up a huge hand full of each this morning. Had something that didn't grow in the garden so will sink 4 small rows of green beans to use up the seed that I haven't planted yet. That will give me 6 long rows of green beans and 4 short ones.
Going to Lowe's tomorrow to look for a new table to sell my produce on in the driveway. My old table come inside for the parakeets to have their cages upon. Works good for the parakeets so won't bother them to remove their table.
Got to get off here. Will get back to knitting on the coat and back to sewing this next week. Hope to have photo posts soon.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend and don't work too hard this coming week.

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