Thursday, April 9, 2009


I shipped the black sweater to my customer. She received it today. Wrote me an email and said she loves it, it fits and she is on her way to a play in Chicago with the sweater on. Then she ended with "keep knitting". I am on the 3rd sweater for her. So far a red pullover, a black pullover, and now a cardigan. I am so happy that she is satisfied. I didn't like the yarn but she is the one that has to wear it. And I do understand that as she can only wear cotton.
This new sweater that I'm knitting for her is black cotton also but a different kind of yarn. It feels smoother to the touch and will, more than likely, hold up longer and much better than the last one. Plus.....with it a great yarn it knits up easy so I've already finished about 7 inches of the back. I'll knit both front panels together so that they match exactly in number of rows and decreases.
Well, this is it....I probably won't be back to post on this blog for a couple weeks, maybe longer as I'll have carpal tunnel surgery on Monday. Tomorrow, Friday, I go back to the doctor for a final evaluation and then onto to Charlotte, NC, 2-1/2 hr. away to see my middle daughter, son in-law and 18 year old Granddaughter who are flying back home from Mexico. They will have a 6 hour lay over so we are trekking there to see them.
My testing on my hands yesterday was very painful and did show that I truly need the surgery.
Enjoy the peace and quiet from me.....
Happy Easter.....
I'll be back!

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Laura Neal said...

Good luck with your surgery! I hope it turns out well for you. Happy Easter!

Quiltsmiles said...

Good Luck with your surgery and heal well. Enjoy your Easter. Jane

Jackie said...

Wishing you a speedy and painless recovery!

Laura Neal said...

I am alive over here. It is amazing how this stupid infection limits everything. I hope your surgery goes well.
:) I will take pictures of the shawl right off of the loom for you and post them.